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Q: Who presides of the house of commons?
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What are the two house of the british parliament?

The house of lords and the house of commons.There is the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Who or what is the head of the legislative branch?

There is no single person who is the head of the Legislative branch.In the USA, the Vice President presides over the Senate and the Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives. In actual practice it is usually the President pro tempore who presides over the Senate - who then frequently designates a junior senator to perform the function so as to give them experience in Senate rules and procedures. In cases where the Senate is conducting an impeachment trial of a President, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides.In Britain, the House of Lords is led by the "Lord Speaker" - who is elected by the members of the House of Lords and is expected to politically neutral. The House of Commons is led by the Speaker of the House of Commons who, like the Lord Speaker, is expected to be impartial in administering the office and renounce his or her party affiliation. The Speaker must be nominated by at least 12 MP's - at least 3 of which are from a different party than the nominee and confirmed by a simple majority of the House of Commons.

The House of Lords and the House of Commons are the two houses of?

the house of commons and the house of lords

What are the two branches of British Parliament?

The two branches of the British Parliament are the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

How many rooms in house of commons?

there are 585 rooms in the house of commons

What are the two main parts of the UK's parliament?

They are (not were, they are still in existence) the House of Commons and the House of Lords

Who presides the house of representatives?


Is the british prime minister the majority leader in the house of commons or the house of the lords?

The House of Commons.

Does David Cameron work in the house of commons or the house of lords?

He is the leader of the government in the House of Commons.

What does England's House of Commons do?

the house of commons chose laws and debate about money

When did House of Commons of England end?

House of Commons of England ended in 1707.

When was House of Commons Library created?

House of Commons Library was created in 1818.