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The king, the individual governors whole ruled the colonies, and even Parliement themselves. Since the colonists were not allowed to represent themselves per say, those who did represent them, were out for their own benefit.

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Q: Who pushed parliament to taxes colonies?
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What law pushed the parliament to tax colonies?


Who had the power to impose taxes on the colonies?


Why did parliament pass taxes to the colonies?

To get tax revenue.

How was actions of the British parliament harmful to the colonies?

They were oppressing taxes on the colonies, and it was causing the colonies money.

What pushed the British colonies to unite into one country?

no representation in parliament.

Who put taxes on the imports to the colonies?

British Parliament and King George III

Did the parliament felt like the colonies should set their own taxes?


Was Parliament justified in imposing taxes on the colonies?

Since the colonies belonged to them, they were justified in all of them. The colonists didn't mind the taxes, they minded that they didn't get any say.

Why did Parliament raise taxes on the colonies after the French and Indian War-?

To pay war debts and keep the colonies safe

How did the laws Parliament passed increase British control in the American colonies?

The laws parliament passed increase British control in the American colonies since they lowered taxes.

Why were the Tea and Stamp acts important to the American Revolution?

by raising taxes in the American colonies without granting the colonies any representation in Parliament

Why did parliament raise taxes on the colonies after the French Indian war?

To pay war depts