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Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.

Thomas Jefferson

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Q: Who said Friends with all entangling alliances with none?
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What were the dangers in washingtons farewell address and did the Americans follow his advice?

When George Washington gave his farewell addres he warned the United States to stay away from political parties, and to stay away from foreign alliances. He said political parties would divide the country and he also said foreign alliances would get the United States into unwanted wars, fights, etc. And NO we did not follow his advice

What is the significance of George Washington's farewell address?

He warned the United States from its greatest dangers. 1. He was against forming permanent ties with other countries because choosing sides could draw the United States into war. 2. He worried about growing political conflicts within the nation. He said political parties would weaken the government. 3. Washington warned the country of too much public debt. He said the government should try not to borrow money. (and yet our country failed to listen to any of this....)

Who said those who confined government to the constitution were the true friends of the union?

Robert Y. Hayne

Who said may none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof?

John Adams

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Who said steer clear of permanent alliances?

President George Washington

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Who said 'it is our policy to stay clear of permanent alliances'?

It was part of George Washington's Neutrality Proclamation.

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Which president said steer clear of permant alliances?

US President George Washington warned the US to avoid making alliances with foreign countries. At the time, few could disagree with that policy.

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