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Q: Who said industrialise or perish?
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What is the verb of industry?


Who said if you perish I perish.?

The phrase "if I perish, I perish" is attributed to Queen Esther in the Bible, from the Book of Esther in the Old Testament. Esther expressed her willingness to risk her life by approaching the king uninvited to save her people, the Jews, from the threat of genocide.

Who said if I perish I perish?

Queen Esther. You may read about it in the book of Esther in the Bible. The saying you refer to is in Esther 4.16

What is the verb form of industries?

The verb form of industries is industrialise (or industrialize in US English).Other verbs are industrialises, industrialising and industrialised."We will industrialise the area"."The whole service has been industrialised".

What is the verb for industry?

The verb of industry is industrialise (or industrialize in US English).other verbs depending on the tense are industrialises, industrialising and industrialised.Some example sentences are:"We will industrialise this venture"."She industrialises ideas into reality"."We are industrialising the railways"."Almost everything was industrialised".

What does perish wish look like?

there is no such move as perish wish there is perish song; but not perish wish

What is Hawaiian for perish?

Perish = make

Who said In constant struggle mankind has become great - in eternal peace it must perish?

Adolf Hitler

What is the birth name of Perish Barnette?

Perish Barnette's birth name is Perish Trevor Barnette.


WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "Technology or Perish"

Why is Vietnam a NIC?

Vietnam is classified as the NIC because the Americans and the Australians helped them Industrialise by giving them money.

How do use perish in a sentence?

This nation shall not perish.