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Aurobindo Ghosh declared in 1907

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Q: Who said political freedom is the life and breath of a nation?
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What are factions in the political life of a nation?

the reason why political life change because of newspaper

The 5 factors that measure the success of a nation state?

Security, good police force, good army. Political freedom, economic growth, quality of life, national unity.

What is Australia's way of life?

The Australian way of life is a life of freedom of opinion, freedom of political thought and freedom of religion. It is a life commonly characterised by enjoying the outdoors, whether in sporting or leisure activities.

2 Political Rights citizens have in Egypt?

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press.Freedom of religion.The life is poor.

How does George Washington define political prosperity in his farewell address?

Washington meant the political life of the nation, that is, how well the nation operates as a representational democracy.

Who said life without freedom is not worth living?

The philosopher Plato is often credited with the phrase "Life without freedom is not worth living." This idea is also seen in the works of other philosophers and political thinkers who emphasize the importance of individual liberty and autonomy for a meaningful existence.

What two characteristics of life in the Pennsylvania colony made it different from life in any other American colony?

democratic political systemcomplete religious freedom

What are people in Mexico demanding from the Mexican government?

More political freedom to make decisions that effect their every day life.

What effect has freedom of religion have on the American way of life?

Religious freedom has allowed people of different beliefs and political views to rise to power. It also informed the freedoms that Americans have in other areas.

How did Benjamin Franklin help shape your Nation?

by his brilliant oratory and passion leaving no doubt that freedom was more important than life itself.

The whole political life of a nation from the local to the national level is a continuous struggle for power was said by who?

Morgenthau's Politics Among Nations

What have veterans done for this country?

the ability of spending time with their family. one that i think is important is they have to sacrifice their lives to give us the freedom we need