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Q: Who sets the pay and benefits for civil servants?
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How is the life of a civil servant in today's world?

The civil servants in hong kong who are working for the government more than 10 years have more welfare than civil servants who just get their job. Civil servants have a stable job as they can't be fired. They also have a high pay.

Who sets pay for civil service members?

The governing body responsible for the civil service, and therefore the respective members. Usually it is divided into the 3 branches of government. Also depends on jurisdictions in which the "civil service members" are attached to.

What are people who pay their way by working for years to pay for their voyage?

indentured servants..

People who pay their way by working for years to pay for their voyage?

Indentured Servants

Who are people who pay their way by working for years to pay for their voyage?

indentured servants..

Facts about indentured servants?

Indentured servants were individuals who worked for a specified period in exchange for passage to the New World or other benefits. Contracts typically lasted 4-7 years, during which servants received food, lodging, and clothes, but no pay. While some servants willingly entered into these agreements for a chance at a better life, others were coerced or deceived, leading to exploitation and mistreatment.

Who worked to pay their passage to America?

Indentured servants.

What Importance of taxes?

Tax plays an important role as the government can maintain essential amenities such as schools, healthcare, and transport. The government uses tax to pay the salaries of civil servants and public officials.

What is the expected 2009 federal pay raise for civil servants?

Congress passed and the President signed legislation for the 2009 federal pay raise providing a 3.9 percent overall average increase for General Schedule employees.

What is the MAIN goal of civil service?

The main goal of civil service is to help the community at large. This can be in a government capacity, or via charitable and philanthropic endeavors. Civil service jobs usually require tests that need to be passed. Other civil service positions are voluntary and offer no pay or benefits.

What were the people called that worked to pay their way to America?

Indentured servants

What are people who work to pay off a debt called?

Indentured Servants.