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Q: Who started the temperance movement?
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Who started Prohibition of liquor?

The temperance movement and the Progressive movement both pushed for prohibition,

What did the temperance movement blame?

The temperance movement blamed alcohol.

What movement did many Americans especially women join to defeat alcohol abuse?

That was the Temperance movement, popular around the last turn of the century.

What term refers to the movement to abolish alcohol?

The movement to abolish alcohol was called the Temperance Movement.

What helps explain the growth of the temperance movement?

The Temperance Movement started mainly in housewives. They were fed up with seeing their husbands drunk and and fed up with the violence that came out of their drunk husbands. The ideas of temperance were mainly spread through the pulpit. Once temperance groups began proliferating throughout the U.S., the movement became political and it was passed in 1919 as the 18th amendment to the Constitution.

How did the temperance movement affected woman?

the temperance movement was the first issue women were involved with..

What started prohibitation?

In answer to 'What started' prohibition, it is probably best to say :Substantial pressure from the 'Temperance' movement. The biggest players in the Temperance movement were the 'women's Christian temperance union' which would preach anti alcoholic lessons to children in school, preach morals and spread prohibitionist Propaganda. All this led to the 'Volstead Act' which banned alcohol and all 'intoxicating liquors'.hope that helps.

What is another name for the temperance movement?

Temperance or something like that

One of the most widespread movements of the early 1800s was the?

The most widespread movement of the early 1800s was the temperance movement.

What has the author Peter T Winskill written?

Peter T. Winskill has written: 'The temperance movement and its workers' -- subject(s): Temperance movement, temperance pledge, Gospel Temperance, liquor reform

What movement opposing alcohol comsuption?

Temperance Movement

What movement warned the dangers of liquor?

The "Temperance" movement.