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Mary Elizabeth"Ellen" Lease was a Populist Orator, she gave public speeches about the lack of respect that farmers had around te 1800s. Her most famous quote is that farmers should " rise less corn and more hell." SHe livedin Kansas and joined the People's (Populist) Party and was so powerful and emotional speaker.

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She was an American writer,lecturer and political activist who paraticed Populism. She also backed Teddy Roosevelt for President in 1912.

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Q: Who was Mary Elizabeth Lease and what did she do?
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When was Mary Elizabeth Lease born?

Mary Elizabeth Lease was born in 1853.

When did Mary Elizabeth Lease die?

Mary Elizabeth Lease died in 1933.

Who encouraged farmers to raise less corn and more hell?

Mary Elizabeth Lease

Raise less corn and more hell?

Mary Elizabeth Lease

Mary Elizabeth Lease wrote what book?

She wrote The Problem of Civilization Solved.

Eloquent kansas populist who urged farmers to raise less corn and more hell?

The populist leader who said that was Mary Elizabeth Lease.

Was Mary Elizabeth Lease married with Children?

According to Wikipedia she was married to Charles L Lease in 1876. They had four children. See the related link for the full article.

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