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Vicente Fox.

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Q: Who was Mexico's president in 2004?
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Who was mexicos president during the alimo?

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

What do mexicos people vote about?

President, governors, federal, state and municipal congress.

Can mexicos president be impeached?

No. He can only have one, six-year term.

LWho is Mexicos queen?

None. Mexico is a federal republic with a president as executive power.

What titles are mexicos leader given?

President. He/she is also supreme commander of the armed forces.

Where does Mexicos president reside at?

Los Pinos, right next to the park and forest of Chapultepec in Mexico City.

What is mexicos goernment leader?

The Mexican president, who acts both as head of state as well as head of government.

Which of President Cardenas's policies most affected Mexicos economy?

novanet answer:: He brought Mexico's oil reserves under government control.

What is the name of the mexicos city president?

There is no such thing. Mexico City has a major; current major is Miguel Angel Mancera (term: 2012-2018).

When did Mexicos Got Talent end?

Mexicos Got Talent was created on 2010-02-12.

What type of animal is road runner?

its a bird,,,mexicos state bird its a bird,,,mexicos state bird

Where is Mexicos mom?