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Sybil Ludingtons father was a colonel. He needed someone to gather up his troop so that is what Sybil Ludington did.

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she did have a husband his name was bob

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Here father is Henry Ludington, an American army commander

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Q: Who was Sybil Ludington's husband?
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What was sybil ludingtons hobbies?

what was sybil ludington's favorite things

Where is sybil ludingtons grave stone?

In Carmel, NY

What was sybil ludingtons mothers name?

abigal ludington

What was sybil ludingtons home town?

Ludingtonville. In honor of her midnight ride.

What did sybil ludingtons horse look like?

It looked like brown.

When was sybil ludingtons birthday?

in febuary in the year 1761

What was sybil ludingtons job?

Sybil Ludington, at 16, rode forty miles and nine hours to raise the militia to prevent the British Regulars from overtaking Danbury, Connecticut and capturing major stores held there during the Revolutionary War.

What did sybil ludington yell to the countryside?

She yelled the British are burning down Danbury muster at Ludingtons but soon just began to knock on doors with a stick she had brought along.

What is sybil's husband's name?

Edmond Ogden

What was the name of Sybil ludington's husband?

Edmund Ogden.

Who rode off to the gather the militia to fight off British attack at Danbuury?

Henry Ludington did as his daughter Sybil Ludington warned that the British were coming and were ready to have their war. Henry Ludington feared that the British would march toward Ludingtons' Mills

When did Edmond Ogden Sybil Ludington's husband die?

Edmund Ogden died in 1799 of yellow fever. Sybil was only 38 when she was widowed. Edmund was 42 years old.