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he just raped all of them

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Q: Who was swamp fox and what did he do to help the American forces defeat the british redcoats?
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Who led the defeat of the british in new Orleans during the war of 1812?

General Andrew Jackson commanded the American forces.

How were the American colonies able to defeat the superior forces of the British during the American revolution?

The Americans were fighting for a cause and because they used guerrilla warfare.

Canada was invaded by the combined forces of who?

Canada was invaded by the American Patriots with the help of Canadian Regiments during the American Revolution. They fought against the British Army and the British Quebec Canadian Militia. The result was a defeat for the American Patriots.

Which American and British Allied generals helped defeat the Axis forces in North Africa at the battle of El Alamein?

There were no American generals or troops in the battles of El Alamein

What foreign troops helped defeat British forces at Yorktown?


Where was the American Revolution war taken place?

Yorktown was the area where the last major battle of the American Revolution War took place. The U.S. forces and the forces from France worked together to give the British froces under Cornwallis a massive defeat.

How was the battle of Yorktown famous?

The Battle of Yorktown (or Siege of Yorktown) was the last major land battle of the American War Of Independence. The combinded American forces of General George Washington and French forces of General Comte de Rochambeau were victorious over British forces led by General Lord Cornwallis. The defeat prompted the British government to negotiate an end to the conflict.

What happened to the capital in the war of 1812?

It was burned on August 24,1814. British forces set fire to many public buildings following the American defeat at the Battle of Bladensburg.

What battle led to the surrender of the British?

The siege of Yorktown led the British forces to surrender to the american and french forces in the american revolutionary war.

What attacks did the British lead against American forces?

the attacks that the British lead against the American forces is that they seized the American ships and they kidnapped American sailors.

Who was most responsible for the American victory at Saratoga?

The British armed forces.

American forces suffered their greatest defeat of the revolutionary war at?