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Samantha was the first American Girl doll.

Well, there were three original American Girl dolls that were released in 1986- Samantha was the first, Kirsten was the second, and Molly was the third. They were made by a company called Pleasant Company. But they sold over to Mattel in 1998...The next three that came were Addy, Josefina, and Felicity.

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Q: Who was the first American Girl doll?
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What is the best doll to get form American girl doll?

Samantha the first ever american girl doll.

Was Samantha the first American Girl Doll ever made?

no, Kirsten Larson was the first american girl doll.

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Who was the first American girl doll to go?

The fist American Girl doll that was retired was Samantha Parkington and her best friend Nellie.

Where to get American girl doll exsulvise?

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Is there a store in Houston that sell american girl?

Sorry but no. The only place you can get an American girl doll is at an American girl doll store and there are no American girl doll stores in Houston.

Is Kaya an American Girl Doll popular?

Kaya, an American Girl Doll was popular when it first came out. It has decreased popularity since most of the new American Girl Dolls are being produced and consumed.

What company makes the American Girl Kirsten doll?

The company American Girl makes the American Girl Kirsten doll. The American Girl company debuted its first catalog in 1986 and produces several dolls that represent different times in American history.

What is an American girl pajama?

An American Girl doll is a doll with accessories based on pre-teenage girl characters. American Girl pyjamas are clothing outfits and accessories that can be purchased to outfit an American Girl doll.

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you have to buy a my American girl doll to get a code.

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Molly the American girl doll is not dead.