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William Howard Taft, on April 14th 1910. He threw the first pitch to the Washington senator's pitcher to begin the game, then stayed to watch the rest of it, enjoying himself so mucht hat every president since has done the same thing.

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Benjamin Harrison was the first president to attend a major league baseball game.

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According to a Wikipedia article ( see related link) it was Bill Clinton.

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Q: Who was the first US President to throw the first pitch of the season from the pitcher's mound and make it to the catcher?
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Who was the first president to open a baseball season?

President Theodore Roosevelt

Who was the first president to not throw the first pitch of the baseball season?

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Who was the president who started the tradition of throwing the first baseball to start the major league baseball season?

President William Howard Taft threw out the first ball of the season starting the tradition.

Who is the first president to throw the first ball of the new baseball season starting a new presidential tradition?

President Taft, 1909

Who was the first president to throw out the first baseball on opening day of the baseball season?

William Taft

Who was the first president to open a baseball season in 1910?

william howard taft

Who was the first to president open the baseball season in 1910?

Wiiliam H. Taft