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Q: Who was the only delegate to attend every meeting?
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Who was the only delegate to the Constitutional Convention to attend every meeting?

James Madison

Who was the only delegate that didn't go to the first continental congress meeting on September 5 1774?

Goergia/First Continental Congress

Is it true that men and women could attend a town meeting but only men could vote?


Did all the members of should attend gram sabha meeting?

yes, then only they can discuss the problems of the gram sabha

Does all superstars of WWE have to attend every match in every town?

no, only superstars that are scheduled to perform attend. the rest if the superstars move to the next town...

Can you postpone a meeting of creditors?

Yes, you can postpone a meeting of the creditors. Usually, you need to have a good reason, such as sickness or your car broke down. A judge will only give you so many chances to attend.

In which state did only one delegate sign?

in which state did only one delegate sign the constitution

Why did colonial leader call a second meeting of the continental congress?

Because the 1st Continental Congress was very weak and contained only 54 delegates and it failed in every meeting and every thing.

Did everyone vote at the Massachusetts bay colony town meeting?

yes. if you attended the meeting, you were expected to vote. "selectmen" ran the meetings, you only attended if you were one of the "elect" therefore you were expected to vote. this was also only male members of the church, but you had the eligibility to attend if you were this.

What is most important when organizing a meeting agenda length of meeting or type of room?

Agenda every time!I would say the agenda is the most important and should be circulated prior to the meeting to allow those attending to add any additional points they wish to discuss. This will then allow you to work out roughly how long the meeting will last [if there is only one point on the agenda then it might not last very long!]. Also, by circulating the agenda, you can find out who will be able to attend so will be able to book a room as appropriate. !

Was New Hampshire the only state that did not send a delegate to the constitutional convention?

False. The only state that didn't send a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 was Rhode Island.

What are Public event?

A public event is basically an event (party, gathering, meeting), where everyone can attend. For example: It could be a barbeque at a local Park. If it was a private event, that means that only certain people are allowed to attend. The best way to explain a private event would be a celebrities funeral. Only family members and close friends would be on the list to attend.