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Joseph Adams and Mary Adams

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Q: Who were Samuel Adam's siblings?
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Who were the parents and siblings of Samuel Adams?

Sam Adams, the revolutionary firebrand and Massachusetts politician was the son of Samuel Adams, Sr. (1689--1748) and Mary (Fifield) Adams. He was one of twelve children, only three of whom lived past their third birthday.

How was Samuel Adams adulthood?

samuel adams adulthood \

Led a farmers' rebellion in Massachusetts?

I believe that is Sam Adams. :) or named Samuel Adams.:)

Who formed the Committee of Correspondence?

Samuel Adams cretated the committee of correspondence so the colonists can get inform of the british actions.

Where was Samuel Adams from?

Samuel Adams was born and rasied in massachusetts.:)

Who is on the Samuel Adams beer bottle?

Samuel James Adams

Was Samuel Adams was a patriot or loyalist?

Samuel Adams was a patriot.

When was Samuel A. Adams born?

Samuel A. Adams was born in 1934.

When did Samuel A. Adams die?

Samuel A. Adams died in 1988.

Who was diplomat to England after the revolutionary war Samuel Adams or john Adams?

Samuel Adams

What were the names of John Adams siblings?

Reportedly, Samuel Adams had 11 siblings, however, all of their names are not known. Samuel Adams was known as the Father of the American Revolution.

Why should you remember Samuel Adams to this day?

samuel adams was cool