Who were pilgrams?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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== == The first pilgrims began as a religious group. The Separatists which is what they called themselves, felt that the only way to practice their faith was to separate from the church of England. The passengers who arrived on the first four ships were called new comers. The ships included the Mayflower (1620) the Fortune (1621) the Anne and Little James (1623).

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Also referred to as Separatists they were Calvinists (Protestant Christian) that left England to escape religious persecution and to officially separate from the Church of England.

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Q: Who were pilgrams?
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Why did the pilgrams leave holland?

the pilgrams left holland because their children was being harmed

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the pilgrams originally left England and moved to

What was the percentage of pilgrams on the mayflower The people that were not pilgrams on the mayflower, what were they called?

Never mind I got my answer.

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Squanto and Samoset. Without them the Pilgrams may have not survived.

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How did the pilgrams get to Plymouth?

by boat

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Why did the Pilgrams come to the US?

Others came for financial opportunity, but the Pilgrams came first and foremost for religious freedom.

When did the pilgrams arrived at cape cod?

The Pilgrams sighted land, which was the tip of the Cape, known as Provincetown, on November 9th, 1620.

Why did pilgrams come to American?

the term pilgram means relgious freedom so the pilgrams came to America for relious freedom

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