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Q: Who were the American leaders of the battle of wounded knee?
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Who was president durring wounded knee?

The massacre at Wounded Knee occurred on December 29, 1890. The 23rd President of the United States was in office at that time. His name was Benjamin Harrison.

What was the AIM program in government possibly dealing with the 60s and on?

The American Idian Movement; made a symbolic protest by occupping the abndoned federal prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisoc for 19 months, Alos made a stand at Wounded Knee, where federal governments misinterpered the "Ghost Dance" as a sign of rebellion and killed unarmed women and children.

What was the longest American war?

As of June 7, 2010, the Afghanistan is officially the longest war in American history. It began October 7, 2001 and has not ended yet. Before that, the Vietnam war was the longest war in American history. It lasted 103 months. Others claim the Korean War is the longest because it never officially ended, we only signed a cease fire with them.

When did the native American removal end?

Hard to pin down really. The largest forced removal was of the Southeastern tribes (Cherokee, Creek, et al) in the 1830's "Trail of Tears." Despite a Supreme Court decision that allowed them to stay where they were, Present Andrew Jackson ignored the decision and ordered the Army to move them west into Oklahoma Territory. After that, most Indian removal was really a matter of Indian being told they could stay on certain portions of their land and then having the US Government go back on the promises when they wanted the land for whites. This trended to push the Indians into smaller and smaller pockets of territory (reservations). Many tribes rebelled against this treatment from the mid 1800's to the end of the century. The last Battle of these Indian Wars was at Wounded Knee in 1890. This was not really a battle, since the US troops simply attacked an Indian camp with warning one morning and killed everyone in sight including women and children.

What did Native Americans have that Europeans wanted even more than gold or silver?

As people began to move west they wanted the Native American lands, so the act made it official that the tribes were to be removed. From the very moment of the first colony the European settlers did their best to kill, remove, or displace the Native tribes from their lands. The government made treaties they broke and they forcibly removed people to reservations. The Union army would go into a sleeping village early in the morning and kill men, women, and children. The government policy was a " good Indian was a dead one" and they would do anything to accomplish this task. Read Black Elk Speaks or Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee for further understanding of the genocide that was committed.

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Which event marked the end of the Indian wars?

Battle of Wounded Knee.

Who was involved in the battle of the wounded knee?

american army leader o f the battle of wounded knee

What ended at the massacre at wounded knee?

The massacre at Wounded Knee was the last battle of the American Indian Wars.

What was the last major battle between the white American and the Indians?

The Battle of Wounded Knee was the last major battle between white American and the Indians.

What did the battle of wounded knee bring to an end?

The Battle of Wounded Knee brought to an end to the Ghost Dance that was performed by many Native American tribes.

What was the last major battle between white American and Native Americans?

battle at wounded knee

Where was the battle at wounded knee fought?

It was never a battle. It was a massacre. It was over by Wounded Knee Creek.

What caused the battle of wounded knee?

The battle of Wounded Knee was caused by the United States government. They were forcing Native Americans from their land and making them move to reservations.

What were the consqunces of the battle of wounded knee?

First of all, it was NOT the Battle of Wounded Knee. It was the Massacre of Wounded Knee. Wounded Knee is considered to be marking the last of the "free Indian". blackwolfspirit are you a boy or Girl if girl how old?

The Battle of wounded Knee was fought in 1810?

The Battle of Wounded Knee happened December 29, 1890

What effect did the battle of wounded knee have on native American?

over land

Were Organized Indian resistance to American control ended in 1890 after battle at?

Wounded Knee Creek