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Hardap and keras

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Q: Who were the kings and queens of West Africa?
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What did the kings in West Africa do for their What did they get in return?


What role did the kings play in the economy of West Africa?

the role kings played in the economy of west Africa is that I don't know

Did the Assyrians have kings and queens?

Yes they did have kings and queens!

What were the danish kings and queens?

The Kings and Queens of Denmark.

Who were the great king and queen of Africa?

There were many great Kings and Queens of Africa. Some great books as a starting point include: + Black Women in Antiquity by Ivan Van Sertima + Destruction of Black Civilisation by Chancellor Williams You might also like to study more about Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa, Nefertiti, Queen Hatshepsut, Queen Nzingha of Ndongo and the Rain Queen dynasty in South Africa, Ndate yalla Mobdj (Queen of Walo), King Moshoeshoe, the widely known King Shaka and many more.

What did the kings in west Africa do for their people what did they get in return?


When was Queens Kings created?

Queens Kings was created in 2000.

When did Queens Kings end?

Queens Kings ended in 2000.

What was a symbol of power for the ancient kings of west Africa?


Why did the African slaves move to American?

they were sold by the kings and queens of Africa and then brought all over the world as slaves

How many kings and queens have lived in buckingham palace?

7 kings and queens

Is there anything like queens?

yes. there where queens in the old days like in Russia. Some kings and queens were not called the kings and queens but most of them were.