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I believe they were called the "Minutemen." One hopes not by their wives.

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Q: Who were the men that cross the potomac river with George Washington?
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What river is on the bank by George Washington live by?

The river is the Potomac River.

When did General Washington cross Potomac River?


What river is on Mount Vernon?

Mount Vernon, plantation home of George Washington, is located on the Potomac River, down river from Washington, D.C., and a mile or two south of Hog Island, just south of Alexandria, Virginia.

What river Flows behind the George Washington's Mt Vernon?

The river that flows behind George Washington's Mount Vernon is the Potomac River. The estate is across the river from Prince George's County.

What river is to the west of Washington DC?

potamic river

What is the name of the river that flows by George Washington's house?

Washington's plantation, Mount Vernon, is next to the Potomac River. People used to take boat trips on the Potomac to see his tomb .

What river separates Washington D.C. from Virginia?

Potomac River

On which river is Washington D.C.?

Washington DC is on the Potomac River, which also separates Virginia from MarylandWashington D.C. is the capital of the United States and is formally known as the District of Columbia. It is located along the Potomac River.

Where in Virginia is George Washington's house?

It is located near Alexandria, Virginia, on the Potomac River

Which president established the nation's capital on the Potomac River?

President George Washington established the nation's capital on the Potomac River. He signed and authorized the Residence Act of 1790.

Mount Veron is on which river?

If you're asking about Mount Vernon, home of George Washington, it is on the Potomac River in northern Virginia.

What is the river that runs through Washington D.C.?

Potomac River runs along the west side of Washington DC. The Anacostia River is in the southern part of DC.