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Republican Party candidate Rutherford Hayes won the 1876 presidential election defeating Democratic Party candidate Samuel Tilden.

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Republican David Chamberlain and Democrat Wade Hampton the third tied. Neither candidate would concede and both claimed themselves as governor of SC. Eventually, Hampton claimed the governor title.

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Rutherford Hayes won the 1876 presidential election defeating Samuel Tilden. In the 1876 presidential election Rutherford Hayes received 185 electoral votes and Samuel Tilden received 184 electoral votes. The popular vote totals were Tilden 4,288,546 and Hayes 4,034,311. The electoral votes of 4 States were disputed. Congress referred the matter to the Electoral Commission which gave the decision to Rutherford B. Hayes.

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Q: Who won the SC governor election of 1876?
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Yes, here's a few - The death of President William Harrison. People weren't sure whether the Vice President (John Tyler) was supposed to become an Acting President or a permanent President. John Tyler successfully made sure that it was permanent. - The Nullification Crisis, where South Carolina announced that it would override a decision of the Federal Government. In the end, SC was forced to comply with the law and it became established the Federal Government was in charge. - The secession of the Confederate States. The Constitution had been silent on whether this was allowed. Of course, it triggered a civil war. Since the Unionists won the war, it is now accepted that secession isn't possible. - The 1876 Presidential election.

What significance did the victory by Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876 presidential race have for reconstruction?

By the election of 1876, it was a common belief among Northerners that Reconstruction had failed. The economic depression (beginning in 1873) and vast mistrust of the scandal-ridden Grant administration convinced Northerners that Reconstruction was over and it was time to move on. Only South Carolina and Louisiana still had troops occupying statehouses but there was widespread distaste of this after 11 years of occupation. The disputed election of 1876 went beyond just the presidential election - rival Democrat and Republican governments set themselves up against each other in SC and LA. It soon became clear that even though the Republican governments were "official," tax monies collected at the local level were forwarded to the rival Democratic governments - Republicans were, in effect, being starved out. Even if Hayes continued to recognize the Republican governments, this would've implied the use of military force and continued occupation, which the country was dead-set against. He got public concessions from the Democratic governments that they would respect the rights of blacks but this was simply political cover to accept the inevitable. It is hard to imagine any other president continuing Reconstruction policies, Hayes just happened to be the guy in charge at the time. Thus, there is little significance in the Hayes victory for Reconstruction - Samuel Tilden would've followed similar policies.

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Vice President John Adams ran for the presidential office in 1796 and won the election.Adams represented the Federalist party in this, the nation's first contested election.1796 U. S. Presidential Election Results:70 votes (50.7%) - minimum required71 votes (51.4%) - V.P. John Adams of MA (Federalist Party) : elected President.68 votes (49.3%) - Fmr. Sec. of State Thomas Jefferson of VA (Democratic-Republican Party)Elected as vice-president.59 votes (42.8%) - Min. to Great Britain Thomas Pinckney of SC (Fed. Pty.)30 votes (21.7%) - U. S. Sen. Aaron Burr of NY (D-R Pty.)15 votes (10.9%) - Gov. Samuel Adams of MA (D-R Pty.)11 votes (8.0%) - U.S. Sup. Ct. Ch. Justice Oliver Ellsworth of CT (Fed. Pty.)7 votes (5.1%) - Fmr. Gov. George Clinton of NY (D-R Pty.)5 votes (3.6%) - Gov. John Jay of NY (Fed. Pty.)3 votes (2.2%) - U. S. Sup. Ct. Justice James Iredell of NC (Fed. Pty.)2 votes (1.4%) - Fmr. U. S. Sen. Samuel Johnston of NC (Fed. Pty.)2 votes (1.4%) - Pres. George Washington of VA (independent)2 votes (1.4%) - U. S. Sen. John Henry of MD (D-R Pty.)1 vote (0.7%) - Min. to France Charles C. Pinckney of SC (Fed. Pty.)Although John Adams' running mate was Thomas Pinckney, because of the way the vice president was determined at that time and because the electors' second votes were spread so thinly, Adams' main opponent, Thomas Jefferson, became Vice President instead.One thing different about the election of 1796 was it was the first election to be contested.

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