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obviously Miguel de Crevecoeur

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Q: Who wrote Letters from an American Farmer?
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Who wrote the letters from a Pennsylvania farmer?

John Dickinson

Describes the American new man?

Letters from an American Farmer

Who wrote Letters from a Farmer from Pennsylvania?

John Dickenson, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, wrote these letters. These letters were then taken and put into a collected volume for others to read.

Who wrote The Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania?

John Dickenson

When was Letters from an American Farmer created?

John Dickinson

What did fannie farmer invent?

Fannie Farmer wrote and published the first American cookbook. It was published in 1896, and she wrote 5 other cook books after that.

What famous book did Jean de Creve-coeur write?

The famous book that Jean de Crevecoeur wrote was "Letters from an American Farmer". The book was published in the year 1782.

Why were John Dickinson's Letters of a Pennsylvania Farmer so important?

yes! John Dickinson wrote the Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania.

A classic statement of the meaning of America to immigrants?

Letters from an American farmer :) - Petey G

What best describes the main theme of Crevecoeurs Letters From an American Farmer?

The main theme of Crevecoeur's "Letters From an American Farmer" is the idea of the American Dream and what it means to truly be an American. Throughout the letters, Crevecoeur explores the cultural melting pot of America, the opportunity for social mobility, and the freedom that comes with living in a new land. Ultimately, the text celebrates the diversity and spirit of the American people.

Who wrote farmer boy?

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote Farmer Boy.

How did Abigail Adams contribute to the American revolution?

she wrote letters to her husband and supported him