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King James I of England

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Q: Who wrote the charter of the Virginia company of London?
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Who wrote The 1st charter of the Virginia company of London?

King James I was responsible for writing the Virginia Company of London charter. It was established in 1606 and lasted until 1624.

Who wrote the first Virginia Charter?

The founders of Virginia. The 1606 Charter was secured from King James I by the founders of the London and Plimouth companies. I am not completely sure if King JamesI actually wrote it.

He gave a charter to the London company to settle the colony of Virginia?

Question: Author of the Vrginia Company of London? Answer: The answer to this question is King James I of England/Great Britain. You may also find the answer to this question by the popularly seached: "Who wrote the Charters of the Virginia Company of London". (That is answered by another user.)

Who wrote the charters of Virginia of London?

King James I

Who wrote the VA charters of the company of London?

king James 1

What did Shakespeare do in London?

What Shakespeare did in London was that he became an actor. He may have joined one of the theatrical companies Pembroke's Men, Lord Strange's Men, or Derby's Men. In any case he was a charter member of the Lord Chamberlain's Men which formed in 1594. As a member of this company he wrote plays and acted in them.

Who wrote Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh?

Queen Elizabeth

What nation wrote the original charter for the united nations?

Jan Smuts

Why were the Virginia company of London important?

The London company was the group of investors that sent the 104 men to Jamestown in 1607. The purpose was to look for gold and come home. They were never meant to be colonists. Within six months of arriving in Virginia only 34 men were alive. Disease and starvation took them and the area had bad water and was in a Native American empire of 15,000.

Who was the English lawyer that wrote the charter for theMassachusetts bay colony?

John Winthrop

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The politics in the Carolinas?

john Locke wroe the charter. he wrote the fundamental constitution of Carolina.