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Q: Whose presidency marked the appearance of centralized federalism where the national government imposed its own policy preferences on state and local governments?
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What are the alternatives to federalism?

Confederations and unitary governments are among the alternatives to federalism. Unitary systems have one centralized governing body while in confederations, the state governments dominate over the less strict central government.

What are the 5 models of federalism?

Dual, Cooperative, pragmatic, no-centralized, national-centralized.

What is an example of Centralized Federalism?

It is whatever you make it out to be

What political power is Federalism based on?

A centralized government.

What form of government the powers are centralized into one agency?


The sharing of power between federal and state governments is called?

This is called Federalism

What What sort of federalism was marked by an equal division of power between the state and federal governments?

Dual federalism

What sort of federalism was marked by an equal division of power between the states and federal governments?

Dual federalism

Which model of federalism maintains the theory that the national government and the state governments are coequal sovereigns?

Dual federalism.

The idea that the national and state governments are each given certain powers is an example of?

this is federalism. people who post need to spell CORRECTLY!

Which type of federalism encourages state and local governments to have a different amounts of power at different times?

Asymmetric federalism.

Share of power between the national and state governments?