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On the side of the allies. The enemy was called the "central powers."

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America joined the Allies (Britain, France, Russia) in 1917, opposing the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire.

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Australia was on the same side as the mother country, Britain, and fought under British command.

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Q: Whose side was America on in World War 1?
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In what war did all races fight side by side for America?

It was during World War 1 that all races fought side by side for America.

Whose side was Australia on in world war 1?

Allies for both World Wars.

Whose side did the Chinese fight during World War 2?

The Allies .

Was America on Australia's Side in World War 1?


Whose side was great Britain on during world war 1?

i dont kno tho

Which side was america on during world war 2 the central or the axis?


Which side was greece on in World War 2?

The allies which were America and Great Britian

Whose side was the US on when it entered World War 2?

The same as in World War I : the Allies consisting of the Free French, the USSR, the UK, and the other Commonwealth countries.

Whose side were Romania on in the World War 2?

In the World War II Romania was allied with Germany, Hungary, Finland, etc. against Soviet Union invaders.

Whose side did the US take during World War 1?

The Alies eg Britain, France and the USSR.

Whose side was Poseidon on during the Trojan War?

The Greek Side