Why are people xenophobic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because people fear change and the unknown and things different from themselves as a basic survival response.

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Q: Why are people xenophobic?
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What is a sentence for the word xenophobic?

Some people's prejudiced behavior towards immigrants and foreigners can be described as xenophobic.

Use xenophobic in a sentence?

Some people hold xenophobic views and believe that those from other countries are a threat to their way of life.

What is the opposite of xenophobic?

The opposite of xenophobic is xenophilic, meaning having a love or admiration for people and cultures that are different from one's own.

What is an emotion that starts with x?

xenophobiaxenophobia xenophobiaxenophobic - abnormal fear of foreign things, especially strangers

Words that start with an x that describe people?

· xenophilia · xenophobic

Traits that start with x?

Xenophobican unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.

What are some character traits that include the letter x?

· xenophilia - attracted to that which is foreign · xenophobic - abnormal fear of foreign things, especially strangers or foreign people

Do people still hate Germans?

Some do, and some don't. This is an opinion. Xenophobic- Afraid of foreign people.

What is the word describing people with a psycho fear of foreigners?

· xenophobic - dislike or fear of people from other countries

Definitions of adjectives that begin with x?

xenophobic - dislike or fear of people from other countries

How do you use the word xenophobic in a sentence?

Xenophobic means fear of strangers, so you could say: I was xenophobic so I was scared in the dark alley. or something like that

What is a noun that starts with the letter x and the adjective is xenophobic?

A noun referring to "one who is xenophobic" is a xenophobe.