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The United States has had two majority parties since around 1829. Although it isn't impossible, no third party has been able to gather enough support to have as much influence and power as Democrats or Republicans. As such, these third parties are known as minor parties.

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The U.S. has two primary political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Additional parties are considered third because they're not one of the main two.

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Q: Why are same political party called third parties?
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What is a minor political party called in the US?

In the US there are an abundance of minority political parties. Often times they are referred to as third parties. Some are exactly called minority parties. In some cases they are called fringe parties.

What are the parties which are not in the majority party known as?

In the United States, a political party that is not one of the two major parties is referred to as a third party.

What are minor political parties are called in the US?

third parties

What is a third-party?

A political party organized as opposition to the existing parties in a two-party system.

What are some political parties going on in the US in 2012?

The major parties are the Republican and Democratic parties. Third-parties include the Liberatarian Party, the Green Party, the American Party, and the Constitution Party.

It can be inferred that a third political party will?

take votes from other parties

The smaller political parties are usually called?

Third parties.

In the united stated political parties are also called what?

They are also called third parties.

What political party are Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania does not have an official political party. The state's residents are affiliated with various political parties, including the Democratic Party, Republican Party, and other third parties. The dominant party can vary depending on the region and political climate at any given time.

In the United States minor political parties are also called what?

They are also called third parties.

In the unites states minor political parties are also called?

They are also called third parties.

Who are the big three third parties?

The three main political parties in the election is Democrat, Republican, and Independent.