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people may not know of the myths and rewrite it

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Q: Why are there so many versions of he same myths?
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How are myths and rituals related?

They are both elements of culture. Myths are among the stories a culture tells about itself, while rituals are a class of actions taken by members of that culture. So, Parson Weems' fable about George Washington and the cherry tree is one of the myths of American culture, and having a large festive dinner featuring turkey on the 4th Thursday of November is one of the rituals of American culture. Sometimes, we use myths to explain rituals.

What was the effect of poll taxes on the south?

many African Americans could not afford the tax, so they couldn't vote. poor whites were in the same situation.

Are Americans terrorist?

Many (but by far a minority) of Americans are terrorist by definition. However, the same can be said of any geographical area, so it is not a major issue.

What is the purpose of a conference committee of both houses?

They are formed to settle differences between House and Senate versions of the same bill.If changes were made by the Senate, the differences between its version of the bill and the House version of the bill have to be resolved. The House may vote to accept the bill as amended by the Senate if the changes were minor. If the two versions differ greatly however, the bill will most likely go to a conference committee made up of members from both the House and the Senate. This committee works out a version of the bill that will be acceptable to both houses of Congress. The revised version goes back to both the House and the Senate for approval.So basically, the purpose of a conference committee is so that a bill can be revised (or edited) to both the House and the Senates liking.

How many seats does the majority leader hold?

Well it depends on where you are. for example it won't be the same in Bc as Alerta. So you should use the name of your province when you google. Plus anyone can change the awnser so you might not want to really trust everything you read.

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How do greek myths survive in so many different versions?

Have you ever played the game telephone, where someone starts something off and by the end it gets all twisted and slightly if not very much different. same concept.

How much greek myths were there?

there is no real figure on the amout of myths there are, the Greeks had so many

Can anyone name all the greek myths and has anyone ever wrote a book of every greek myth?

This is two questions, but both are answered the same way: no, and no. It is nearly impossible to name all the Greek myths because the myths don't have names or "titles", thus it is hard to separate them one from another as they were not intended to be "chapters" in a book. If so there would be at least three versions for every myth, including little changes and notes.

How many Greek myths are there?

There are many Greek myths. There is so many that it's hard to count them all. They have been altered and passed down for many years making it hard to count. If this doesn't help.... ASK GOOGLE!

Why did people create so many myths and folktales about animals?


Are Greek myths and roman myths the same?

Not necessarily, they have the same kinds of gods ,but with different names and meanings both have a sun god, god of the seas, goddess of beauty ,and so on (hope this helps).

How many versions of Ramayana were printed?

Ramayana was translated into several languages. It does not have versions. It was a true story. The story never changes. So there is no need to have versions.

Is there a long myth about Hestia?

No there is not. There are no myths all about hestia because she gave up her throne to dionysus the god of wine, so she is not mentioned in many myths.

Was Artemis smart?

In many myths she certainly appears so, but she had many other aspects of her character and godhood.

How many copies of the bible have been printed?

As so many different language translations exist, and as, within those languages, so many different versions exist, and as, within those versions, so many printings exist.... this number is unknown and unknowable.

What are some of the myths related to Hermes?

Probably because Hermes is in a lot of the myths. He is a greek god, so there were myths written about him.

What country has the most myths and legends?

I have to say that Ireland does because they have so many I'm from ireland