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An "unfunded mandate" is a requirement from a higher level of government that some lower level of government must enforce and pay for. It's easy for the Federal government to demand that the STATES pay for something, or for the State to require the LOCAL government to do something; the agency that makes the demand doesn't have to care about the cost, or whether or not it is effective, or even if it works at all.

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Q: Why are unfunded mandates difficult to deal with?
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Why did Conservatives Criticize the governments unfunded mandate?

Unfunded mandates were required but not paid for.

Why are unfunded mandates difficult for states to deal with?

States do not have the money to put them in action. They need to find another way to get the money in order to meet the requirements.

Definition of unfunded mandates?

"An unfunded mandate is a statute or regulation that requires a state or local government to perform certain actions, yet provides no money for fulfilling the requirements."

Under the banner of new federalism republicans advocated for an increase use of unfunded mandates?


Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the?

Federal Government to block execution of unfunded mandates.

Is the Americans with disabilities act a federal mandate?

Yes, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Amendments Act of 2008 are unfunded mandates. An unfunded mandate is any piece of federal legislation which requires the states to follow a set of regulations without providing an explicit means to finance them. The ADA, ADAAA, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, etc are all examples of unfunded mandates.

What is competitive federalism?

The states and government compete for leadership of the country's domestic policy. Much of the conflict is over unfunded mandates.

True or False unfunded federal mandates on the states were outlawed byt the US Supreme court in Hammar v Dagenhart?


What is a term that refers to legislation the national government requires state or local governments to implement largely at their own expense?

unfunded mandates

unfunded mandates?

Programs that the Federal government requires States to implement without Federal funding.

What has the author Paul L Posner written?

Paul L. Posner has written: 'The politics of unfunded mandates' -- subject(s): Intergovernmental fiscal relations, Fiscal policy, Unfunded mandates 'IRS' accounts receivable inventory' -- subject(s): Accounting, United States, United States. Internal Revenue Service 'Budgeting for Emergencies' 'Federal debt' -- subject(s): Budget, Debts, Public, Management, Public Debts, Surplus (Economics), United States, United States. Dept. of the Treasury 'Compendium of Budget Accounts, 2000'

What has the author Georg Trapp written?

Georg Trapp has written: 'Das Veranlassungsprinzip in der Finanzverfassung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland' -- subject(s): Finance, Public, Intergovernmental fiscal relations, Law and legislation, Public Finance, Unfunded mandates