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the 13 colonies fought england because the 3 colonies wanted to exploer first

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Q: Why did American colonies fight against England in the American Revolution?
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What does the Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies have to do with the Revolution?

The Declaration of Independence was the written separation from England by the Thirteen Colonies. It basically stated that England no longer had control over the colonies, and was signed by the representatives of the Thirteen Colonies.

What role did Lord North play in the Revolution?

lord north was the prime minister of great Britain and led them into war with the American colonies

When did the Revolutinary war end?

It can be stated that the American Revolutionary War against the UK began when the Declaration of Independence was released and distributed among the American colonies. This document was an act of treason against the British crown. The date was July 4, 1776.

People who favored Independence during the American Revolution were called what?

PatriotsThe American Revolution was characterized by a split in the support of colonist belligerents. Those who supported the American independence were called Patriots for their patriotic drive of self-government and republicanism. They were also sometimes called Whigs, who were members of the British Parliament who supported the colonists' side. These Patriots were usually farmers and countrymen who often felt the brunt of the taxes Parliament had levied on the colonies. Those who were against independence were called Loyalists or Tories, who were members of Parliament who were against the colonies.

What action would a loyalist have been likely to take during the revolution?

Trying to spy and plot against the colonists. Loyalists were people who remained loyal to England; some moved up to Canada, but others stayed in the colonies to help the British.

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Who the American Revolution?

The political revolution against England resulting in the independence of the 13 colonies of Britain in N.A.

What famous American convinced Casimir Pulaski to support the colonies against England in their fight for freedom during the American Revolution?

George Washington

Why did the American colonies fight against England in the American revolution?

because the Virginia colonies didn't want to be taxed by Parliament. Parliament was the british government. and they wanted to be their own country. they didn't want England to rule them any more.

How does the declaration of independence connects to the American revolution?

After the signing of the D of I, the Colonies revolted against England to fight for independence from English rule.

Who were the people who supported the revolution against England?

Over-taxed colonists were the main supporters and instigators of the American Revolution. The American Revolutionary War was fought against Great Britain from 1765 to 1783.

Why did the American colonies fight against England in the American reveloution?


List at least five ways that Jefferson believes England has acted against her American colonies?

What are the 5 ways that jefferson believes england has acted against her american colonies

What year had the American revolution started?

The revolution of the American Colonies against Great Britain began in 1775 and ended in 1783

What country allied with the colonies against the british during the American revolution?


While the American colonies were fighting a revolution against England and forming a new Nation New Spain was established new settlements in California using what type of syestem?


What country helped the America colonies in the revolution?

France took a very active roll in supporting the American colonists during the American Revolution. France had a long-term rivalry with England, so when America fought against England for independence, France naturally aligned with the Americans.

Did England ever rule America?

The original thirteen colonies were under British rule, and it was against this that the American Revolution was directed.