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Q: Why did Andrew Jackson believe the 2nd bank of America was unconstitutional?
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Who was the first to declare act of Congress unconstitutional?

Andrew Jackson

Who introduced the spoils system?

Andrew Jackson i believe

What did president Jackson viewed the national bank as?

President Andrew Jackson viewed the National Bank as a curse to the Republic. Jackson believed that a central bank held too much power in controlling the country's money and he felt that it was unconstitutional.

Andrew-Jackson did not believe in slavery True or False?


Why did people think it was unconstitutional to have a national bank?

Andrew Jackson thought that the BUS (bank of the united states) was biased against westerners.

How did Jackson justify his veto of the BUS recharter bill?

Andrew Jackson explained his veto of the recharter bill by stating that he believed the Bank of the United States was elitist and unconstitutional. Jackson was the country's 7th President.

Who did Andrew Jackson believe should hold the government offices?

the people

What did Andrew Jackson and his supporters believe?

Limited government control of the economy.

Why did Andrew Jackson not sign the carter for the 2nd national bank?

Andrew Jackson did not sign the charter for the Second National Bank because he believed that it concentrated too much power in the hands of a few wealthy individuals and posed a threat to the democratic principles he valued. He considered the bank to be unconstitutional and a tool for promoting the interests of the wealthy elite at the expense of the common people.

Who did not benefit from Andrew Jacksons vision for a democratic America?

Andrew Jackson's viewpoint of a democratic America was closely aligned with Jeffersonian politics. He hoped all Americans would benefit from the stance.

What was the name of the rebellious teenager that fought for independence in America?

Andrew Jackson

Did Andrew Jackson believed he symbolized the common man in America?