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The same reason Fascist groups increased in membership in the 1930's, the Great Depression. Some saw the free market as a failed system, and reached out for a type of economic for a "new" beginning. the largest rise was in Fascist ideology, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain, all chose dictatorial, expansionist leaders, believing only the theft and enslavement of "weaker, inferior" countries could improve living conditions in their own.

Communist Josef Stalin joined Hitler of Germany for a time, before Germany invaded the USSR; at that point, Stalin joined the Allied forces, America, Britain, Free France.

Though there was an actual threat to the US from fascist sympathizers, Communism during the Great Depression did not increase beyond a few 'roundtables' of intellectuals, far removed from power. Never a threat, the nation united against the Japanese fascist attack on Pearl harbor, in 1941, when Hitler declared war on the US.

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Q: Why did Communist membership increase in 1930s?
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Ukraine wasn't a country at all in the 1930s. At that time, it was a region of the Soviet Union, which was indeed communist.

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Stalin was the Communist Leader from 1924-5 to 1953

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it gained membership during the great depression

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What was true of the communist party of the Unites states of America?

it gained membership during the great depression

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the hatch act

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It was popular to join the communist party.

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Why were the Americans worried about the security of the US?

At the height of world war 2, about 100,000Americans claimed membership in the communist party.

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Well, actually, Hitler was a fascist dictator.