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Because he was a blue coat

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Q: Why did George Washington wear a blue coat?
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What uniform did George Washington wear?


What Coat did justin bieber wear in baby?

it was a blue long coat

What size shoe did George Washington wear?

George Washington wore a size 13 shoe.

Can a male wear a black coat with a blue suit?

legally, yes...

What buttons would the duke of wellington wear on his red coat uniform?

The Duke of Wellington normally wore a blue coat and it was not part of a uniform as he did not wear one.

Can you wear a black hat with blue pea coat?

You can wear anything you want if you are happy with yourself and it expresses you.

What trench coat does Tom Selleck wear on Blue Bloods?

London fog

What kind of clothes did George Washington Carver wear?

I am not really sure but I am guessing that he wore a white Laboratory Coat and safety goggles to protect his eyes.Gloves to protect his hands from dangerous chemicals and acids.

Is there information about Washington history?

Which Washington? Washington State Washington DC George Washington Washington Tyne and Wear (its a town in England)

Did George Washington wear underwear?

History does not record if he did or not. It can be assumed he did.

What does George Washington wear that people don't wear today?

Wooden teeth. Wig Skirt

What did the union army wear?

they wore a blue coat,pants and hat they were called the union army