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Because he was against the was a group of fundamentalist confederates that planned his assassination.

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Ford's Theater

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Q: Why did honest Abe get shot?
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What was Abraham Lincolns nick name?

"Honest Abe" is one commonly heard Lincoln nickname.

What is a Three letter word for honest man?

Probably Abe -- Abe Lincoln was honest as "Honest Abe".

What was Lincoln's nickname?

Honest AbeHonest Abe

Who got the nickname 'Honest Abe'?

Abraham Lincoln was nicknamed Honest Abe.

Whose nickname is honest Abe?

Abraham Lincoln had the nickname of Honest Abe.

Did the guy who killed honest Abe ever get punished?

He was purused after he assaniated lincoln and was shot days later in a barn

What is Abraham Lincoln's nickname?

Honest Abe or The RailsplitterHonest Abe, and The Illinois Rail Splitter are among the most popular.Abe

Why was honest Abe honest?

Abraham Lincoln

What was abrahams nickname and how did he get it?

Abraham Lincoln was known as Honest Abe. He was a notably honest person.

How did Abe get his nickname honest Abe?

he supposedly never lied

Abraham Lincoln's nickname?

Abe Linkey

His nickname was?

Honest Abe