Why did jefferson go to war with the british?

Updated: 8/18/2023
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Jefferson wanted to make sure they didnt go to war because he was afraid that the war between them and Britain would affect Trade rights more than they already were.

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The British were kidnapping American merchant sailors, forcing them to serve the Crown. The War Hawks believed that the U.S. should obtain as much foreign land as possible and that the U.S. should be separated from British influence.

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Thomas Jefferson did not go to war.

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Q: Why did jefferson go to war with the british?
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Who did Thomas Jefferson fight in war 1812?


Why did Jefferson address his British brethren?

Jefferson needed to send a declaration of independence to the British so that they would understand the motivations for the Revolutionary War the two nations were about to be engaged in.

Why did Jefferson Davis choose to go to war?

Jefferson Davis did not choo0se to go to war. Realistically he did not have the capacity for it. instead Lincoln pressured Jefferson to walk the confederates into battle.

What is the revloutionary war?

The revolutionary war was a war that was between the patriots and British and the patriots were fighting for freedom under the British. They wrote many grievance's to the British about quartering the soldier's. The war started by Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independance.

Where did jefferson go during the revolutionary war?


Why did the colonist go to war with the british?

Well the british are !@##$%^@#$%@#$%^

What conclusion did Jefferson then draw?

Thomas Jefferson was more determined than ever to prove to the British that America could exist as a free nation after the British ignored his first draft of the Declaration of Independence. After Thomas Jefferson insisted that the British King respond to his ideas, he was not in agreement with the King's ideas.

Who was NOT a British general during the American Revolutionary War?

Lots of people were NOT british war generals. For example, I'm pretty sure you are not a british war general. However, i think you're talking about people in the time period. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, most people

Who did Jefferson support at the start of the war between France and England?

At the beginning of the British French War of 1793 Thomas Jefferson was in support of France. He believed that the Americans owed their loyalties to this country because of their support during the American Revolution.

Why did Americans decide to go to war with the British in 1770?

They were not at war in 1770.

Why was the US irritated at British?

Why did the War Hawks want to go to war

Did Thomas Jefferson join the military?

Thomas Jefferson did not join the military or any type of war related force. Instead he wrote books and was a lawyer. His books were political and about the Rights of British.