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Q: Why did king James i persecute puritan separatists?
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What happened to the separatists in King James time?

they were persecuted for their religion and for going against the church

What leaders disagreed with the separatists?

If you are asking about English separatists in the 1600 it was the king.

Why were pilgrams also known as separatists?

The Pilgrims broke away from the Church of England that King Henry instituted. They were persecuted for their beliefs and that they did not attend the Church of England. By the time the Pilgrims broke away from the church, King James was ruling. Some of these "Separatists" went to Holland. They lived there until they felt the Dutch were a bad influence. And again, some of those separatists left for America. These Separatists then made their "pilgrimage" (journey) to America. Today these Puritans/Religious Dessenters/Separatists are called the Pilgrims.

What threat did King James 1 make toward the separatists?

He realized that his subjects could defy him as not only a spiritual leader but as a political leader as well.

What the king of England did to the pilgrims that starts with pe?


What the king of England did to the pilgrims that starts with a pe?


What the king of England did to the Pilgrims?

Persecute (from My Best Guess 11.27.201)

What 9 lettered word for what the king of England did to the pilgrims?


Was King George III a puritan?

No, he was an "Anglican".

How many times does the word persecution appear in the King James Bible?

The word "persecution" appears 33 times in the King James Bible.

Which king tried to persecute Abraham?

The Elamite King Chedorlaomer captured Abraham's brother Lot, but Abraham rescued him.

The pilgrims were also known as separatists because they?

In the early 1600's religious group called the Separatists called for the total break with the church of England. They thought it was too much like the Catholic Church. The pilgrims were a Separatist group. King James attacked them for rejecting England's official church.