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A vote wasn’t taken on this. The government of the state decided.

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Q: Why did many Alabamians decide to secede from the union?
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Why did Virginia finally decide to secede from the Union?

They decided to because Lincoln called forso many Virginians to fight.

How many states voted to secede from from the Union in all?


About how many Alabamians died in the Civil War?

About 35,000 Alabamians died in the Civil War. Around 30,000 were seriously wounded.

How many slave states remained in the Union and fought against the Confederacy in the Civil War?

Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri were four slave states that did not secede from the Union. West Virginia, another slave state, seceded from Virginia and joined the Union during the Civil War. it was 4 that didn't secede from the union.

How many Alabamians died in the civil war?

20,000 Alabamians out of 90,000 who served never came returned. Another 20,000 came back wounded and disabled. The war took a terrible toll on life.

Would Virgina have been union or confederate?

Confederate. It was not one of the first states to secede, and many prominent Virginians like Robert E. Lee, hoped that it would stay in the Union.

How many alabamians lost their lives in Vietnam?

Alabama sacrificed over 1,200 men to the cause.

How many states seceded from the union in 1860?

Florida and South Carolina were the only Southern states to secede in 1860. The other 9 seceded in 1861.

How many states belonged to the union?

During the Civil War, the United States was divided into the Union and the Confederacy. Twenty states belonged to the Union, and there were also four border states that did not secede from the United States, but also did not give up slavery. The Confederacy had eleven states.

Did Texas secede after Abraham Lincoln's election?

Yes, like many other southern states, Texas followed suit and seceded from the Union in February 1861 after the election of Abraham Lincoln.

Where did Maryland stand in the war?

Maryland was one of the so-called "border states", it had slavery but did not secede from the Union. Maryland-like many states- provided soldiers to both sides in the conflict.

What did several Southern states threaten to do if Lincoln was elected president?

Many southern states such as South Carolina had threatened to, and did, secede from the Union even before Lincoln's presidency. With the northerner Lincoln as president and the north-dominated Congress, other states followed suit.