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Q: Why did most ranchers in the 1800s have small herds and few employees?
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What is the definition for range rights?

Range rights are the rights to water on the Plains. Small ranchers in the 1800s bought the rights from the larger ranchers. Hope this helps!

Why did the Johnson County War start?

The main reason the Johnson County Warhappened was conflict over land. Most of the land in Wyoming at that time was in the public domain, open to stock raising and to homesteading. Large numbers of cattle were turned loose on the open range by large ranches. Homesteaders moved in and settled on the land that the large ranches had been using as open range.The large ranchers claimed that they were victims of massive cattle stealing in Johnson County and that the local authorities were doing nothing to protect their herds. They also claimed that juries in Buffalo, Wyoming refused to convict on cattle rustling charges no matter how strong the evidence.The small ranchers were excluded from the spring roundups and the large ranchers used many tactics to try to force the small ranchers off their land. The small ranchers rightly claimed that their cattle had as much right to grass on the public range as did the herd of the large ranchers.By 1891, the large ranchers, members of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA) decided they going to take action against the small ranchers. They formed a squad of invaders out of employees of the WSGA and gave them a list of 70 names to either shoot or hang.

Did protoceratops live in packs or herds?

Generally, herbavourous animal groups are referred to as herds, so Protoceratops lived in small herds.

Did triceratop live in herds?

no a triceratop dose not live in a herd it lives in a certainania

What is the name of small bands of deer living in family groups?

The answer is small herds. I just guessed while playing.

What is being done to solve the problem of feral horses?

Most people don't consider feral horse herds a problem. The exception to this is ranchers in the western US. The wild mustangs compete for federal grazing land with the rancher's cattle and sheep. The BLM has a yearly roundup of the mustangs. They are put in huge holding pens and held there until (and if) they are adopted. The lack of large preditors that would keep the mustangs in check are being introduced again in small numbers. But the ranchers have a problem with the large preditors also. No easy answers.

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A small business typically has fewer than 500 employees, with an average of around 20 employees. The exact number can vary based on the industry and type of business.

Small and medium enterprises in the Philippines?

small enterprise is compose of 10-99 employees medium enterprise is compose of 100-199 employees

Who was a yeomen in the 1800s?

A yeomen was a white man that owned a small farm.

How are the ranchers and farmers affected by the ocelots?

Ocelots may take poultry or small calves and goats on occasion, but such attacks are not that common.

Why do elephants live in small herds?

Because the elephant herd is only made out of the females and there young also there family

Where do horses live in NC?

Horses in North Carolina can live in a variety of settings, including farms, pastures, equestrian facilities, and ranches. They are commonly found in rural areas and agricultural regions throughout the state. Additionally, there are numerous horse-friendly communities and neighborhoods that cater to horse owners.