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The anti-war movement was picking up steam within the party. Johnson could see that Robert Kennedy would put up a strong battle for the nomination and even if Johnson was able to prevail, the intra-party fight would give the opposition ammunition for the campaign and Johnson would likely lose the election. Therefore he stepped aside, no doubt expecting Kennedy to win the presidency.

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Q: Why did president Johnson withdraw from the 1968 presidential race?
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Which 1968 democratic presidential candidate voluntarily dropped out the race?

incumbent President Lyndon Johnson

When was President Humphrey in office?

Never. Although Humphrey was the Vice President to Johnson, Humphrey lost presidential election to Richard Nixon in 1968.

Former vice president who staged a remarkable political comeback to win presidential election in 1968?

Lyndon B. Johnson

By 1968 the Vietnam War and President Johnson's declining political support?

Convinced Johnson not to run for reelection, helped the Republicans win the 1968 presidential election, divided the Democratic Party

Which of these men was not a presidential candidate in the 1968 election?

Lyndon Johnson

What Pushed Johnson into withdrawing as a presidential candidate in 1968?

vietnam war

What 1972 Democratic presidential nominee was the Vice-President during Johnson presidency and ran in the 1968 election?

Hubert H Humphrey, from Minnesota is the man you are thinking of.

What is a correct statement regarding Lyndon Johnson the presidential elections of 1968?

Johnson withdrew from the race -PLATO

Which is a correct statement regarding lydon Johnson and the presidential elections of 1968?

Johnson withdrew from the race -PLATO

Who were the candidates for the election of 1963?

Johnson Succeeded Kennedy in 1963In 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated and was succeeded by vice president Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson the 36th President of the United States would run for reelection in 1964.The candidates for the Presidential election of 1968 were; Lyndon B. Johnson - Hubert Humphrey (Democratic) and Barry Goldwater - William E. Miller (Republican). President Johnson was reelected and was in office from November 22, 1963 January 20, 1969.

When Lyndon B Johnson retire?

Lyndon B Johnson withdrew himself from the next presidential election in the spring of 1968

What us president was from texas in 1963-1968?

Lyndon B. Johnson was the Texan who served as President in 1963-1968.