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President George H. W. Bush won the election of 1988 then lost the election of 1992, after which he did not run again. His son, President George W. Bush, never lost a Presidential election.

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Q: Why did president bush became president even though he lost?
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Is Robert gates a Republican?

Gates is not registered as a republican, even though he was appointed by Bush before Obama. He's an independent.

What was an significant even during the last phases of czarist rule and the beginning of the communist rule in 1891?

President George Bush turned gay!!!!

Did bush really beat algore?

Bush did beat Algore in 2000 US presidential elections with a very narraow victory in Florida even though Algore was ahead in totoal popular vote but Bush won more electoral vote thanks to his narrow margin (and controversal) victory in Florida.

Why did white in the south feel as if they had won the election of 1876 even though the new president was a republican?

the democrats were able to control the southern states

Did the founding fathers feel the president was the chief legislator?

No. Even though the President has the power to veto bills adopted by Congress and even though that is legislative in nature, the President was not seen as the "chief legislator". Congress may still override the veto and pass a law in spite of the veto. Further, while the President may propose certain legislation, he cannot introduce it on his own. He has to get a Representative or Senator to do it for him. Many of the Founders even felt that the President was merely the agent of Congress to take orders from it on how to enforce the laws it passed almost as if he was their employee. During the Constitutional Convention they realized there should be a separation of the executive and legislative powers, and made the President more independent; but never did they think the President was any kind of legislator, much less the chief legislator.

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What election has a candidate won president with fewer votes most recently?

President Bush won the election over Carry even though Carry had more of the popular vote President Bush won with more electoral college votes; even though the electoral college is supposed to represent the peoples views.

Does George H. W. Bush have any personal goals?

Most people have personal goals. And, a former President of the United States, such as George H.W. Bush would definitely have personal goals, even though he is no longer president.

Should you respectfully address George Bush as president bush or George Bush?

President Bush -- It is customary to address ex-presidents as "president". You surely would not want to address him as just George Bush unless he is a personal friend. Governor Bush or even Mr. Bush would probably do.

What was Zachary Taylor defining moments?

A defining moment for Zachery Taylor was that he became president as an independent even though he was a part of the Whig Party. Another defining moment was that after becoming president, he was anti slavery even though he had previously had slaves.

What is the conjunction in Even though the salt bush is covered in a salty substance it can thrive during a drought?

Even though is the conjunction in that sentence. The entire clause needs a comma after it -- Even though the salt bush is covered in a salty substance, it can thrive during a drought.

Who was the funniest president?

George W. Bush. Even when he's serious, you have to laugh at what he says.

What did the Dixie Chicks say that got so many Americans angry at them?

Lead singer Natalie Maines made a few off the cuff remarks about George W. Bush while he was president, during a concert in Europe. This upset Americans that someone would disparage the sitting president to foreigners, even though most Americans tended to agree that as president, Bush was a disaster.

Who was the first son of a president to become president?

The first son of a president to also serve as president was John Quincy Adams (1825-29), son of John Adams (1797-1801). The only other son of a president to serve as president was George W. Bush, son of George H.W. Bush.

Who is technically the president of the senate?

The vice president of the US is president of the Senate even though he is not a member.

What nationality were many of the 911 terrorists?

Lot of people think U.S. did it. President George W. Bush did it and blamed Ladin to get more power. Americans always believe even the lying president (W. Bush) .

If your wages are being garnished by a creditors attorney for a non secured debt can they take the federal tax rebate President Bush approved coming in May even though money is coming out of my check?

Yes they can, sorry.

Is Thomas Jefferson wife famous?

Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801. His wife, Martha Jefferson died in 1782. She is considered first lady even though she never served.