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There were three main reasons for prohibition lasting so long:

1) the strengths of the groups who had campaigned for it - the church (moral reasons), industrialists (workers were more efficient when not hungover/drunk), women's groups (problems it caused to families and moral reasons), politicians (many breweries were German knock on effect from WW1), doctors (health reasons)

2) The successes of prohibition - consumption of alcohol fell not just during prohibition but for many years after, soft drinks and tea industries flourished, not as many arrests for drunkenness during Prohibition, violent crime didn't increase despite what is thought and although organised crime became more visible it existed before and after prohibition

3) The time it took to repeal the law - many strong groups had campaigned for prohibition and so it took time to find groups who were against prohibition and then time for the campaign to get started.

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Q: Why did prohibition take so long to end?
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