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Q: Why did slave not come to support John Brown?
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Did John brown come the first president of the confederate state of America?

Not close. Jefferson Davis was the only president of the CSA. Abolitionist John Brown was put to death in 1859 for his raid on Harper's Ferry .

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What was a slave plantaion?

a slAVE PLANTAION WAS when slaves come and work

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How did John Brown life come to and end?

John Brown was an abolitionist who believed that armed insurrection was the best way to get slavery overthrown. He was hanged for his part in leading a raid on the federal armory at Harper's Ferry. The date of his hanging was December 2, 1859.

Why did European slave traders come to West Africa?

European slave traders come to West Africa because they were free as others.

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Last name (often family name). ie. John Brown so Brown would be surname In Asia, surnames often come before the individual's name

Why did proslavery forces attacks Lawrence?

Kansas was voting to come into the union as free or slave state. Both groups people for and against slavery flooded the territory to influence the vote. One of the men who came was John Brown with his sons into Lawrence. They murdered several proslavery people and the newspapers ran a headline calling Kansas BLOODY KANSAS.

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Tribes of Africa