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Because people realized that the "blacks" were people too. And all people have rights that can't be taken from them. Also the civil war played a big part

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Q: Why did slavery become illegal in America?
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When Did Slavery become illegal in Oregon?

Slavery was never legal in Oregon, so it never needed to become illegal.

What did Frederick Douglass change?

he changed America so that slavery was illegal

When did Slave ships became illegal in America?

Slavery became illegal to all americans in 1888.Slave ships technically aren't illegal even today.

Is America free from the sins of slavery?

While slavery is now illegal in the United States it is still widely practised illegally, particularly in the sex trade.

Is slavery illegal in 5 states?

Slavery is illegal everywhere in the United States.

How many African Americans were slaves?

A Lot of them. Now slavery is illegal and now there are no more slaves in north America

What colony passed the first anti slavery law?

Massachusetts Bay Colony passed the first anti-slavery law in America in 1641. This law made slavery illegal for those who converted to Christianity.

When did slavery become illegal in the Northern US?

Slavery in the United States lasted as a legal institution until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865.

Which of the following statements about south America describes spanish colonies but not the portuguese colonies?

Indian slavery was made illegal during the colonial era.APEXthey were set up for god, gold and glory...they were both looking for riches, to spread their religion, and bring honor to their respective countriesLatin America.

Why did slavery become illegal?

Slavery became illegal in many countries due to moral and ethical concerns about the exploitation and dehumanization of individuals. Additionally, movements for equality, human rights, and social justice played a significant role in the abolition of slavery. International agreements and laws condemning slavery also contributed to its illegality.

What time was slavery illegal?

Slavery was made illegal with the 13th amendment to the Constitution on 12/18/1865

Why did southern states secede from from the US of America?

because they didnt want him to make slavery illegal !