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Q: Why did some colonist feel loyalty to Britain despite the unfair taxes?
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What gives the British colonists of North America the right to declare independence from Great Britain?

King George | made the colonist pay unfair taxes

Quarrels between great Britain and colonist?

Taxation without Representation Unfair ruling (royals were treated better than civilian) The taxes were used to spend on kingdom

What term was ginen to the unfair taxing of the colonist?

Taxation without representation

Why did Americans think Great Britain's laws were unfair?

why did American think that the new laws from Great Britain were unfair.

Why was the stamp act unfair to the colonist?

The Stamp act was unfair to the colonist because the colonist were being taxed by Parliament without any saying in the taxation. Ergo, "No taxation without Representation!" the colonist just wanted to be represented. Also because it was the Britishs' fault for being in debt because of the french and Indian war. not the colonists'

Which colonist did not consider unfair taxes a good reason for rebellion?

Loyalists :)

What are unfair things that king george the 3rd did to American colonist?

He unfairly taxed them.

Why did colonist think the stamp act was unfair?

because the british were a bunch of greedy little pigs

What made the british king declare the colonist to be rebels?

they protested being ruled by Britain and when called treasonous they said make the most of it

How did colonists protest british taxes?

They were people who didnt like taxes being put on them.

What term means a colonist who did not consider unfair taxes and regulations sufficient cause of rebellion?

The term is "loyalist".

How do you think new England colonist felt about England trade rules?

they felt mad about it because it was unfair.