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Amendments were added to the constitution to change African Americans life. Such as no more slavery in any part of the US. The amendments were 15 though like 18.

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Q: Why did the American Civil War change the constitution?
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What are the 2 key results to the civil war?

If you are talking about the American Civil War then the two key results were: The 13th and 14th amendments to the American Constitution. Look them up.

Why the Civil War led to the constitution?

it didn't the constitution was created before the Civil War...

What are the Civil War ammendments?

The amendments to the US Constitution directly related to the American Civil war are the 13th, 14, and 15th. They are more appropriately called the Reconstruction amendments.

How did the American revolution lead to the civil war?

no, the American Civil War and the American Revolution were to separate wars

Did the Civil War bring about more change than the American Revolution?

i think equal

Why did the American war change the constitution?

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How did the battle of Fort Sumter change life?

It signalled the start of the American Civil War, which would change American life for ever, especially in the South.

What was the Spark on the American Civil War?

Yo momma was the spark in the American civil war

How many constitutions has Missouri had?

24! They struggled to get along during the Civil War so they continued to change everything about the constitution!

Which was first Civil War or spanish American war?

Civil War

What did the abolintionist try to end before the civil war?

The abolitionists attempted to end slavery prior to the American Civil War. Slavery in America would eventually be abolished with the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Why were drums used in the American Civil War?

Drums were used in the American Civil war, to show that the war had begun.