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because william llyod garrison's advocacy of women's rights and pacifism alienated some member

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Q: Why did the American antislavery society split into factions in 1840?
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How did Lincoln win the 1860 presidential election?

The Democrats had split into two factions - a North and a South wing - so the newly-formed Republican Party was bound to win the 1860 election. Lincoln had been nominated as its first presidential candidate because he was moderate on slavery.

Why were there four parties and candidates in the presidential election of 1860?

The root cause was the break-up of the old parties by the slavery question. The Whigs split in 1856 and did not field a candidate. A new party, the Republicans was formed from northern Whigs and anti-slavery factions. The southern whigs and others Southerners formed a new Constitutional Union Party. The Democrats split into north and south and nominated two candidates.

How was compromise no longer possible by 1860 due to social diputes?

Because the Democratic Party had split into two factions (North and South) and the Republicans were bound to win the 1860 election, with their first President, Abraham Lincoln, who would not allow the creation of any more slave-states.

Which of these companies has NOT been forced to split up by the federal government Microsoft AT and T American Tobacco Company Standard Oil Trust?


When did Democratic-Republican Party end?

The Democratic-Republican Party effectively ended in 1824, when it split into separate factions that eventually became the modern Democratic and Republican parties. However, the transition was not immediate, and it took several years for these new parties to fully crystallize and supplant the Democratic-Republican Party.

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What issue was the antislavery movement split over in 1840?

It was split over the participation of women.

What is split into groups or factions?

Polarized -APEX

Which war split the Iroquois nation into factions?

The war that split the Iroquois nation in to factions was the Revolutionary War. The Iroquois nation lived in the Northeast coastal region.

Who split with the American anti-slavery society and organized the American and foreign anti-slavery society with no women on the executive board?

Answer: Lewis Tappan

What caused the Democratic Party to split regional factions?


Why did the Marxist split?

The Marxist split occurred due to ideological differences among followers of Karl Marx, primarily revolving around differing interpretations of his teachings and tactics for achieving a socialist society. This led to factions such as the reformist Social Democrats and the revolutionary Communists diverging into separate movements.

What is a good sentence for faction?

Mrs.Kisiel's faction of the class was a group off all girls. OR: The teacher said she had to split the class up into factions for the field trip. And yes it is factions NOT fractions! THANKS!

Why did the kansas-nebraska act hurt the whig party?

It made slavery a central issue. It split the party into two factions.

What issue split the feminist movement into factions in the 1920s?

The equal rights amendment The right of women to hold membership in the AFL

How many classes was Ottoman society split into?

there was two classes in the Ottaman society

Why did some people leave the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1840?

The American Anti-Slaver Society split due to basic differences in approach. Founder William Lloyd Garrison and his followers were more radical than some of the more conservative members who left to form their own group.

Why does Madison believe that so society broken into many parts will not danger minority rights?

Madison believes that a society broken into many parts, or factions, will not danger minority rights because in a large and diverse society, no single faction would be able to gain complete control. Each faction would have to negotiate and compromise with other factions in order to govern, which would help protect minority rights from being oppressed by the majority faction. Additionally, Madison argues that the existence of multiple factions would prevent tyranny by dividing power and preventing any one group from becoming too dominant.