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Americans won because they surprised the British. The British had celebrated Christmas the night before the battle which had caused them to be a little groggy/drunk when fighting. Also, they didn't have the time to gather and line up like they had practiced because of the principle of surprise. The Americans had chosen a very smart time to surprise the British. They were rewarded with a victory.

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Because they had more troops and more guns.

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Because they had much more better weapons

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Q: Why did the Americans win the battle of Trenton?
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Did the battle at Trenton win the war for the Americans?


Why was the Battle of Trenton important?

Answer:The Americans gained confidence in winning the Revolutionary war

Who won the battle of Trenton the british or the Americans?


Which battle did Washington win?


What was Trenton's plan to win the battle?

they had to win this battle to scare the british a little.

What battle did the Americans fight the day after Christmas?

The battle of Trenton

In what battle did Americans cross the Delaware river?

Battle of Trenton

For whom was the battle of Trenton a victory?

The Americans.

Patriots win the Battle of Trenton?

the West

Did America win in the battle of Trenton?

America has never lost a battle or war.

What battle was a win for the patriots on Christmas?

The battle of Trenton. I'm pretty sure of it.

What battles did the Americans win in the American Revolution?

I don't really know but they got General Cornwallis to surrender by surrounding him, with a French Navy blocking off Chesapeake Bay and the Americans behind him. General Nathaniel Greene exhausted them by attacking, then running. The British plundered civilian homes and bad feelings soon arose.