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because it was the richual

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Q: Why did the Olmecs smashed or buried the huge stone heads they had worshipped?
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Before the Olmec vanished they?

smashed or buried their stone heads

Why did the olmec smash or buried the huge stone heads they had worshipped?

because it was the richual

Where did the Olmecs keep their calendars?

They kept there calenders on a stone stelae a type of monument.

Which culture is associated with the colossal stone heads carved from volcanic rock?

the olmecs

What do you do when you jump on gnarly monster heads in mythology?

Well............ you have to jump on all of their heads. They will not come alive once you've smashed all of their heads. then you get their scale.

What early civilization created heads like the one shown below?

their is no picture below

Why did the Olmec bury or smash the huge stone heads they had worshipped?

because it was the richual

Did the Olmecs move stone heads from one place to another?

Yes but how ? They used hide straps and picked the strongest people

Are there any flashbacks in The Crucible?

yes, when Abigail speaks about her parents getting their heads smashed by Indians when she was little.

What is the mystery of the maze in the Barwon Heads playground?

If we are talking about Barron heads Victoria the secret of the maze is the creators corpse is buried in the centre he has 100,000 buried next to his coffin

What were the olmec known for?

The Olmec civilization began about 1500 B.C. The Olmec settled along the gulf of Mexico and built large religious centers, like the La Venta. The Olmecs are most famous for their huge statues of heads. These heads were possibly those of kinds. They ranged in height from 5 feet to 11 feet. They weighed as much as 20 tons. The Olmecs made the heads out of volcanic rock called basalt. But there was no basalt where the Olmecs lived. The had to bring the rock from as far as 80 miles away. they might have carved the heads and then hauled them over land. But that would have been difficult since the Olmecs didn't use wheels. They also didn't use animals to pull heavy loads. The Olmec might have floated the basalt heads on rafts down rivers. Then they could have placed the carved heads on land. No one knows they could have gotten them up the hills.

What are accomplishments did the olmecs make?

They transported (we still don't know how) and they carved gigantic stone heads without metal tools or wheels or horses.