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conflict over the balance of free and slave states

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Q: Why did the US wait until 1846 to annex Texas rather than immediately making it a state in 1836?
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When did Mexico annex Texas?

It did not annex Texas.

What event led to the Mexican American war?

The vote in congress to annex Texas

Who did Texas annex from?

The republic of Texas

Did America annex Texas?

in 1844

Which president agreed to annex texas?

Sam Houston was the president that agreed to annex the state of Texas. he was actually the President of the Lone Star Republic.

When did the US officially annex Texas?

At midnight

Who was the first to annex Texas?

United States.

Why did Texas stay independent rather than become a state in the 1830s?

because the us government was faced with a threat of war with mexico, and thus could not annex them

When did congress annex Texas?

President John Tyler annexed Texas in 1845

Who was president during the Annex of Texas?

Sam Houston

Who refused to annex Texas?

president Jackson and the north.

How did Andrew jaskson respond to the Texas independence?

Jackson finds out that Texas has there independence and he wants to annex it. He is hesitant to annex it because antislavery groups in the U.S. oppose the expansion of slavery.