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well ya see they did bc Asian

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Q: Why did the federalists believe that they could not rely solely on civic virtue?
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What is a sentence using civic virtue?

civic vertue

Civic virtue relate constitution?

It relates to the Constitution because the founders used the Roman government as in inspiration for the Constitution. They had civic virtue, so the founders believed civic virtue was important in order to have a republic.

Civic virtue is the idea that people should do what?

Humanists wanted to reinstate the ancient ideal of civic virtue through education.

What is civic virtue?

it is ball sacks:)

What role was civic virtue to play in the Constitution?

some, as he hoped that only those with civic virtue would be elected to the national government.

Why is it important that citizens and their representatives have civic virtue?

Civic virtue is to promote the common good. A common good means that is the best for the whole community. But without civic virtue, the republican government would not be able to work. Kacey, 5th Grade

Did Benjamin Franklin have Civic Virtue?


Which civic virtue was he discussing in the quotation?


Does Cat in the Hat have a civic virtue?


What is the different between the two common good civic virtue?

Common good refers to the well-being of a community or society as a whole, while civic virtue is the moral obligation to work towards the common good through active participation in civic life. In essence, civic virtue is the individual's commitment to promoting the common good through their actions and decisions.

What is an example of the civic virtue?

someone who does wht is best for their country and not for themseleves

Is unselfish a civic virtue?

Yes, being unselfish is considered a civic virtue because it involves prioritizing the well-being of the community over personal interests. Acts of unselfishness, such as volunteering and helping others, contribute to a sense of collective responsibility and cooperation within society.