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The Framers didn't want the Constitution being changed on a regular basis for any other reason aside from one of the utmost importance. As a result, while there is an involved process, with mandatory approval required from the different houses of Congress, amending the Constitution is possible if needed.

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It is neither easy or hard, but a method that requires the necessary analysis of the change and not make it easy to change it for a passing fad or political philosophy that doesn't support the constitution or the betterment of government.

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The framers of the constitution provided for four different methods to amend the Constitution. This means that even if one avenue is blocked there are ways around it.

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Q: Why did the framers of the constitution create a mechanism for amending the constitution but then make it very difficult to actually make any changes?
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What is an amending formula?

An amending formula is a procedure for changing the Constitution.

What article provides for amending the constitution?

Article 5: Amending the Constitution Two Thirds of both houses

Why do you think the authors of the Constitution decided to make amending the Constitution a slow and difficult process?

So that random and potentially faulty amendments could not be just stuck there..

Why did the Framers of the Constitution create a mechanism for amending the Constitution but then make it very difficult to make any changes?

They knew that people were going to change, and that the Constitution had to change with them. In order to be a working document, it had to be changed to reflect what was going on -- they knew, for instance, that slavery was someday going to be abolished, but they knew it was going to be for several generations. However, they wanted the amendment process to be difficult, so that the Constitution wasn't changed by people's fleeting whims. In other words, they made the process difficult so that 'popular passions' wouldn't alter the Constitution.

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What are the two steps of the second method of amending the constitution?

The two steps in the second method of amending the Constitution are: proposal by Congress and ratification by conventions.

What does it mean that the writers of the Constitution provided a process for amending?

The constitution can be changed.

Which article of the US Constitution deals with amending the Constitution?

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